8 minutes and 4 seconds of rehearsal

My voice speaking into a recorder: I got to rehearsal around 2pm. The group has been here since 10am. I walked into a room where everyone is wearing headphones, listening to their own music, and moving. Hannah is jumping up and down, twice each time. Stephanie is, well, now she is changing the song on her ipod. She’s making a … Read More

Islands? Palimpsest? Rummikub?

After sitting in on handful of rehearsals during SuperGroup’s intensive week, I feel like I should have a coherent summary to share it with you. I’m searching for some grand thesis about this process of performance making that I have been witnessing. Instead, what I have for you is this: In Which___and Others Discover the End and I are becoming … Read More

Notes from Circumstances For We at Northern Spark

A group of teens walked through. Swinging their arms. A person in a blue sweater scratched her face. Another opened and closed his mouth.   The purple dancer in the yellow shoes danced near the paper gums. “Need my help?” “Come up here, come up here.” The red hooded man put on a paper cap and held his hands open. … Read More

Eavesdropping on performers?

At the last SuperGroup rehearsal that I attended there was talk of how to make the arrivals of performers to the performance a public event. How would people know to find the performers scattered around the city moving towards the performance space? How would they know that the conversation that they were eavesdropping on on the train was part of … Read More

What we know so far

1. If performers rehearsed and then stopped rehearsing six months prior to the performance, performances would always feature performers wearing slight smiles to show that our bodies can remember things that our minds cannot. Grant funding would also be more complicated. 2. If you make a dance while crying, and then dance this same dance later, not crying, will the … Read More