What we are currently swimming through: A list created by Rachel and compiled by Hannah while driving to Good Thunder in the rain

– Circumstance touching

– Interpreter, more layered and looping

– JJ is back

– Text from it’s [all] highly personal

– Telephone

– We want text that has more dialog, like characters speaking dialog, like the script for a play?

– New draft script with a shape

– Choose Your Own Adventure text that will be written specifically to generate movement and not to be heard during the performance

– Collective grief

– Climate change

– Big life changes

– Figuring out how our bodies process meaning and make movement

– Less structured process than last time, no pairs

– Envy of people who know exactly what they want to say and make

– Excitement about making work this way–getting closer, circling closer, to the reasons that we are making the work


Later that day, while visiting with Liz Miller, we found that we are also swimming through:

– poodles

– pie

– paper (and felt and tarp and spray paint and wallpaper and glitter)


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